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by LeElf

Situation story match to artworks, and Tristar class heavy cruisers are nice idea. I quote and translate your artwork on VERITECH Fight...

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US Navy Sikorsky SH-72 X-wing fly over flotilla :iconyui1107:yui1107 1 0 VFH-10A AGACS Auroran launch in Ep51 CloneChamber :iconyui1107:yui1107 3 0 Fusalage and canopy closeup AGACS VFH-10A AURORAN :iconyui1107:yui1107 2 0 Zor Prime and Dana Sterling (Jeanne Francaix) :iconyui1107:yui1107 6 0 The three Belles of ASC after bathing :iconyui1107:yui1107 5 0 Musica and Bowie on Animec P80 December 1984 :iconyui1107:yui1107 1 0 SDC SouthernCross homage by Miss Tamuro Yumura :iconyui1107:yui1107 1 0 (2 of 2) The page 55 : Animege July 1984 :iconyui1107:yui1107 2 0 (1 of 2) The page 54 : Animege July 1984 :iconyui1107:yui1107 2 0 (1of 2) Page 51 My Anime September 1984 :iconyui1107:yui1107 1 0 (2 of 2) P52 - 53 My Anime September 1984 :iconyui1107:yui1107 2 0 Jeanne Francaix (Dana Sterling) and Bowie :iconyui1107:yui1107 1 0 Lana Isavia (Nova Satori) by Miss Masaho Ayaya :iconyui1107:yui1107 3 0 2 of 2 : Prelude to the battle Jeanne and Bowie :iconyui1107:yui1107 2 0 1 of 2 : Prelude to the battle Jeanne and Bowie :iconyui1107:yui1107 2 0 Robotech Master Zor Prime :iconyui1107:yui1107 2 0


Lynn Minmay :iconjoja-art:JoJa-Art 12 4 ROBOTECH: First Meeting :iconleelf:LeElf 65 34 Super Dimension Bunny Girls :iconlordcornelius:lordcornelius 6 1 Macross Plus Memories :iconchristiankaw:ChristianKaw 145 31 UFP Surveyor 1 :iconchiletrek:Chiletrek 24 14 Retreat of the Southern Cross 01 :iconx1commander:X1Commander 7 5 Musica Standing :iconjao666:jao666 6 0 Musicas New Outfit :iconjao666:jao666 3 0
Lonely Soldier Boy-Epilogue
Lonely Soldier Boy
Genesis Climber MOSPEADA property of Tatsunoko, Robotech:The New Generation property of Harmony Gold, all rights and trademark
South America
It had been fifteen years since he had last seen this place. The large mansion at the top of the hill, still guarded by men with rifles. There was also a unit of Mospeada armored motorcycles patrolling, the earth humans now taking advantage of all the Mars Base ordinance that had been left behind. The lush gardens  surrounding the villa were well kept, in full bloom in the heat of the summer. The last time he was here was in the early days of winter so it made the place seem more inviting than previously. The guards noticed the motorcycle riding traveler and waved a greeting, this special guest had obviously been expected. Slowly bringing the Mospeada up to the main gate the rider showed them the personal invitation with its distinctive seal.  'CG' in large golden letters. The smiles of th
:iconsingle-leg:single-leg 2 2
Nova Satori :iconoptimuspraino:OptimusPraino 25 6 Lynn Minmay :iconpechan:Pechan 207 14 Hovertank fighting Bioroid :iconx1commander:X1Commander 6 0 Sylphide Ocean Flight :iconx1commander:X1Commander 3 2 MACROSS ZENTRAEDI :icondagova:dagova 42 18 Invid Space Hive (Deitrich) 01 :iconchiletrek:Chiletrek 7 24 Robotech Movie Comic Cover 2 :iconcwmodels:cwmodels 12 14


US Navy Sikorsky SH-72 X-wing fly over flotilla
  1. US Navy Sikorsky SH-72 X-wing fly over flotilla .
  2.  Sikorsky S-72 X wing - Robotech Chronicles.

Production Aircraft Conceptual Design

Sikorsky also looked at a number of designs for potential production aircraft.

One of these was a Navy aircraft to operate from the decks of  DD963 Spruance-class  destroyers.  

X-Wing was thought to be  applicable to missions that require high speed dash combined with short loiter or hover time, such as OTH (Over the Horizon) Targeting and Surveillance, and AFHSAR (Search and Rescue). 

This aircraft used a 50 ft. diameter rotor/wing and two General Electric GE-CTSF-34 high by-pass fan engines. 

Gross weight was 30,000 lbs.  Anti-torque was provided by a nozzle at the tail vectoring the thrust of the engines. 

Situation story match to artworks, and Tristar class heavy cruisers are nice idea.
I quote and translate your artwork on VERITECH Fighters Master file series No.08 VFH-10 Auroran , Vfh-12 Super Auroran (OLD designation : VFH-10 X)…

試験航宙から太陽系の外惑星に戻って、サザンクロス軍・戦術宇宙機甲団 【TASC】小艦隊は、高高度衛星軌道でゾル人艦隊に予想外に遭遇します。引き続いて起こる衝突(戦術宇宙機甲団)【TASC】では、VFH-10X (後の VFH-12 スーパー・オーロラン)として洗練を施された最新可変戦闘機([[VERITECH Fighter>ベリテック)は、射撃します。

ゾル人の素早いバイオロイド/攻撃航空機に対して、そして、VFH-10A型 オーロランとして完全な生産に命じられたすぐ後、装甲ジャイロダイン攻撃ヘリコプター(AGACs)の性能は典型的であると考えられました。
戦術宇宙機甲団 【TASC】
ここでは、第23攻撃群が地球への彼らの帰還に関してゾル人艦隊の斥候艦船群に包囲され、指揮官機オーロランモデックス番号222号機 は短い戦いの中で捕えられます。

ウィリアム・ヴァンス少佐[LCDR](コールサイン「緑の騎士」)の指揮官機 モデックス番号222号機は、数人の操縦士がゾル人の戦闘機動兵器の最初の観察により 3機の未確認のバトロイド型・機動兵器(後にバイオロイドと命名)が、大きな「宇宙サーフボード」(後にバイオバーと命名)に乗っていると主張していた。

「ウィリアム・ヴァンス少佐」は、最終的に戦術宇宙機甲団 【TASC】の戦列から急速に立ち上げられた、初の実戦オーロラン飛行/航宙戦隊を指揮した。

彼は、ゾル人のアズシャール級・旗艦で戦略機甲師団 第15分隊の第三次攻撃団としての敵艦占拠作戦の突入時に戦死しました。

この仕事は、長い間私のデスクトップに多くの他のアートワークのように眠っいました。2014年が始まるころ、私はようやく、それを終えることに手が回り始めました。ソフトウェア「MANGA STUDIO 5.0(CLIP STUDIO PAINT Pro)」でスケッチされて、色をつけられます。
VFH-10A AGACS Auroran launch in Ep51 CloneChamber
Thanks to Mr. Brian Denmeade .
Episode 51 Clone Chamber AGACS launch, VFH-10A "Auroran" in fixed winged fighter mode . 579 x 436 pixels, 308 KB , remasterling by Corel Paintshop Pro X9 ( Ultimete Edition ) in January 02 2017 .(Japan Standard Time)

「VFH-10A オーロラン」 宇宙機甲師団 【TASC】 仕様 「固定翼・戦闘機」 形態

VFH-10A オーロラン の固定良翼のファイター形態。 超時空騎団アザンクロス: 第14話「アイアン・レディー 」Bパートのフィルムより CyberLink Power DVD 16 Ultimate のキャプチャ機能にて、アウトライン取得の上で  Corel Paintshop Pro X9 ( Ultimete Edition ) にて再度書き込みの上で再塗装。

The three Belles of ASC after bathing
The three Belles  of Army of Southern Cross  after bathing
Girls are doing from the public full execution of the efforts to become beautiful at the place which cannot be well-known.
Musica and her own triumvirate daughters
 December 22 2016, Main image file changed into more high definition color and noiseless layer!
December 23 2016, Main image file changed into more Black and white contrast adjustment , high definition color and noiseless layer!

Drawing by  Ms.  Riho Yagisawa

Musica Nova -Robotech Chronicles-

The English language cosmic harp was designated  the term Leve ficelle by the Tiresian language in Tirol, which is the moon of gas filled planet FANTOMA in the Valivarre solar system ! 
SDC SouthernCross homage by Miss Tamuro Yumura

MY PLAZA Page 174: Kindai Eiga sha Co.,Ltd ( Modern FilmsCo.,Ltd ) published December 1984 issue: monthly anime magazine "THE ANIME" 

Boohoo -- The Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross has finished at last.
Jeanne Francaix (Dana Sterling)- I say that your merit is known at last and I recently began to take to it. 
Honestly, after continuing with Super Dimension Fortress MACROSS and Super Dimension Century ORGUSS , I was only looking at the time of the start by inertia. 
And only always when "the dreamy Mister gentleman" which carried out purple hair which comes out in Openig theme song and film comes out, and it. 
When coming out, I was me who came out and who came out and was looking at TV only for him to eyes.
With Jeanne Francaix (Dana Sterling)- pigeon , I was only merely flashy, and they were whether you are really a military woman now and a rather disagreeable type. Seemingly I was not the leading role and the thing just like Miss Elchi Cargo (Cast by Mari Yokoo)was more disagreeable than anything. 
But me who was gradually devoted to the talk itself. That time became every week, so that it saw by pleasure, without missing once at last. 
Then, I begin to have a better opinion of Jeanne Francaix (Dana Sterling) who was disagreeable until now in case of a fantastic character, and, now, have become one person of the character which I should love. Of course, I like all other characters. 
But dis-satisfaction and a question remain even now which I have ended. 
I think that I wanted the scene being peculiar to a woman like to endure and which suiting deletes since the woman was in no less than three persons with much trouble.
Three women feel that it was seldom almost harnessed by the race of "Jeanne" and the "Lana Isavia (Nova Satori)." 
It is the relation between Jeanne Francaix (Dana Sterling) and Zor Prime to it. I thought that Jeanne Francaix (Dana Sterling) had mind in Zor Prime surely in the beginning. 
But settlement which does not understand two persons' relation anymore, so that it comes into a climax. Signs that I consider the Sayh lied, or he is aloof to Jeanne Francaix (Dana Sterling) . 
Therefore, by the last round (the 23rd talk "Genesys"), whe Zor Prime kisses Jeanne Francaix (Dana Sterling) , I have become glad just like my own love affair.
I think that that would be the highest tenderness Zor Prime showed to Jeanne Francaix (Dana Sterling)

And-- being related with the war -- I am although after all the planet Glorie
Afterall , the people of the planet Glorie got bittersweet victory.
What happens to the ZOR (the Robotech masters / Tirolian ) survivor's soldier? I was a question all the time. 
The people of the planet Glorie were protecting as important fronteer land for their life and surviv , and in order that the ZOR (the Robotech masters / Tirolian ) , that people might also recover planet Grolier from the hand of the people from the planet Glorie as a homeworld for the race continuation, they were fighting each other. 
"Which is not justice, either and wrong, either" and these days, although it seems that there is much anime of such contents, there is no work which worried about which should gain a victory like the filmworks. 
But I thought that coexistence was probably also impossible. 
Finally , I was not able to give a conclusion to me. Concluding those for children readily only by such a works being called anime is that it is wasteful. 
The Southern Cross was good anyhow. Jeanne Francaix (Dana Sterling) is the highest! 

Miss Tamuro Yumura - Tokyo , JAPAN.

わ ~ ん、ついにあの超時空騎団サザンクロスが終ってしまった。ジャンヌ~



●東京都: 湯村 たむろ
Tomonori Kogawa SDC Southerncross Characters

December 22 2016, main file chnged, more High Definition  png, 36.5 MB 7325 x 5621 pixels.

The Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross
(超時空騎団サザンクロス Chō Jikū Kidan Sazan Kurosu?) is a Japanese science fiction mecha anime TV series released in 1984, as the third of the Super Dimension series. It was adapted as the "Second Generation" of the American TV series Robotech.

PNG (2,731 x 1,961 pixels 8.49 MB ), remastering scan, 720 dpi resolution.

Quote from the Monthly Anime magazine "Animec" June 1984 issue, that page 106 - page 107 .(The cover art "Heavy Metal L-GAIM" .)

April 15 (Sunday) 1984 on aired "Southern Cross" in JAPAN, and now 33th. Anniversary to April 15 (Friday) 2016.

Tomonori Kogawa's initially sketch , Angelo "Angie" Dante (the later name changed " Andrzej Sławski " ) and Musica are remarkable designs !



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E: Ms. Kasumi Haruka ( 遥 かすみ ) , her art Page 08,10,12

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The page from 17 to 26 ( the page 16 or 27 is " INFORMATION " , the page 28 is the editor stuff credit ) , the another girls' fan-arts , I omitted scanning to the rest pages ! 3-A:Facebook total 14 fanart plus 2 coverart achive is here !

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